Manuscript Publication Guidelines

Deadline for submission is November 14, 2021
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The AURCO Journal Publishes Only Refereed Articles.


Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your work. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in rejection of your manuscript. Files must be PC versions of Word or *.rtf (rich text format). The AURCO Journal does not support *.pdf files or Mac platforms or software. If you created tables, figures, or graphs using Word or Excel, simply place the table, figure, or graph in the location that you intend. Do not use color, use black and white only. If you created tables, figures, or graphs using any software other than Word or Excel, attach a separate *.jpg file for each table, graph, or figure and note the location of each item in the text of the manuscript as follows:

--------------------------------------- Insert Figure 1 here ---------------------------------------

Except for italics, and boldface, the document should be free of pagination, word-processing formatting, and style commands, including headers and footers. Use endnotes and not footnotes. Any notes should be numbered and entered at the end of the paper. Do not include hyperlinks. Do not embed any notes in any style commands. Place NO identifying information in the body of your paper, such as the header or on a title page, or with the abstract as all manuscripts undergo a blind review process. Identifying information will be collected separately when you upload your files. In keeping with the AURCO Journal tradition of maintaining an interdisciplinary publication, there is no preferred style for article submissions. The MLA, Modern Language Association, and APA, American Psychological Association formats are commonly employed. If you cannot use MLA style or APA style, be consistent in notation. Regardless of the demands of your discipline, in the bibliography avoid using abbreviations for titles of journals. Proofread everything after you have corrected your final hard copy. Remember to make any changes to the files before mailing and e-mailing. If your paper is approved by the reviewers and Associate Editor, it will be submitted to the Editor for final review and approval. If approved by the Editor you will be contacted by e-mail.